Take Advantage of the BSU Opportunity

President Burnim encouraged students to register for 15 credits each semester and to attend and pass all of their classes with good grades. He said students should take developmental and remedial courses early on. He asked students to consider summer school and winter classes to stay on track for graduation.

The president went on to say that students should take full advantage of the educational opportunity here at BSU.

President Burnim Addresses Freshmen

President Burnim praised the staff, administration, cabinet for working so hard to enroll an estimated 5676 students this semester.

He reported that U.S. senators Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin recently visited campus to discuss financial aid and the cost of college. In a few weeks members of President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative will be on campus Oct. 3 to encouraged young men to stay on track in school and in their personal lives.

These efforts are designed to help students graduate in four years. He encouraged students to get a good return on their investment by completing their degrees in four years, explaining that students who graduate in five or more years spend more money on the same degree that they could have gotten in four years.

Specifically, the cost of a degree from BSU grows from $30,000 in four years to about $37,000 for five years and about $44,000 in six years. Burnim said to get a good return on your investment by finishing in four years.

A Band of Conspirators Dedicated to Your Success

Provost Weldon Jackson asked the Class of 2018 to stand and take the Bowie State promise to in part: be a loyal and contributing member of the BSU community; to abide by the code of conduct; to ensure a positive learning environment; to respect others; to recognize the full potential of their gifts; to honor the university’s values and to graduate on four years!

Fall Convocation 2014

Welcome to the class of 2018! Meyers Auditorium is packed this morning with nearly 800 students, faculty, staff and administrators celebrating the official opening of the academic year.

Michael Saunders just rocked the crowd with his rendition of “Lift Every Voice and Sing.”

SGA President Milan Mobley greeted her fellow Bulldogs, encouraging them to uphold the school’s values of excellence, civility, integrity, diversity and accountability.

Graduate Student Association President LaVesha Huff encouraged students to get involved with the association this year and encouraged undergraduates to “make the choice to graduate in four years.”

Learn from Kodak

Jamin Gallman_SGA President

Jamin S Gallman_President Burnim

By Jamin Gallman

Kodak was founded in 1888 as an American technology company focusing on imaging solutions. For over 100 years, Kodak was a model company with a glorified legacy, until recently. In 1975 Kodak created the first digital camera – in 2012 they filed for bankruptcy protection.


How is it that the company that invented digital imaging does not have a piece of the digital photography market? The answer: they refused to evolve and grow. We are in an era where more digital pictures are being taken than ever before and yet Kodak is not a major player. Kodak did not acknowledge digital photography as a disruptive technology and did little to prepare for it. Thus, Kodak lost their once secure footing as an imaging conglomerate.


The moral of this short story is “Learn from Kodak!” Don’t become obsolete because of an unwillingness to change and evolve. Be intentional, take advantage of opportunities and seek new experiences. Never stop growing, never stop learning and never stop adapting –don’t become content with who you are; learn from Kodak!


The Bowie State University Male Initiative (BSU-MI) provides students an enriching, transformational experience. I encourage all males on campus to participate in the BSU-MI and take advantage of the program’s learning opportunities.


Jamin Gallman

Class of 2012, Bowie State University

Former BSU SGA President

MBA Candidate, 2015

Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland